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T3. Introduction to Cloud Computing & Large Scale Architecture DesignTutorial
  • Dave Nielsen
T4. Introduction to Model Driven Development with Examples using Eclipse FrameworksTutorial
  • Bruce Trask
  • Angel Roman
T5. Automatic Dependency Injection In The Land Of Dynamic LanguagesTutorial
  • Misko Hevery
T34. Javascript, the Programming Language of the WebTutorial
  • Anders Janmyr
Sunday Tutorial LunchTutorial
T1. Crafting External Domain Specific Languages with XtextTutorial
  • Peter Friese
  • Moritz Eysholdt
T6. Garbage Collection: The Whole TruthTutorial
  • Tony Printezis
T7. Programming with iPhone SDKTutorial
  • Javier Gonzalez Sanchez
  • Maria Elena Chavez Echeagaray
T8. Realizing the benefits of Functional Programming in Object Oriented codeTutorial
  • Phil Goodwin
T9. Back to the Future: Programming in SmalltalkTutorial
  • James Foster
T11. Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture: A Pattern Language for Distributed ComputingTutorial
  • Douglas Schmidt
T12. Use-Case Patterns and BlueprintsTutorial
  • Gunnar Övergaard
  • Karin Palmkvist
T13. What Every Software Architect Should Know About TestingTutorial
  • Peter Zimmerer
T41. Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Solution DevelopmentTutorial
  • Tony Shan
Monday Tutorial LunchTutorial
T14. Detecting and preventing bugs with pluggable type-checkingTutorial
  • Michael D. Ernst
  • Mahmood Ali
T15. Parameterized Unit Testing: Principles, Techniques, and Applications in PracticeTutorial
  • Nikolai Tillmann
  • Jonathan De Halleux
  • Tao Xie
  • Wolfram Schulte
T16. Practical Erlang ProgrammingTutorial
  • Francesco Cesarini
T17. Software "Best" Practices: Agile Deconstructed and AdoptedTutorial
  • Steven D. Fraser
Tuesday Tutorial LunchTutorial
T18. Agile Architecture via Modularity PatternsTutorial
  • Kirk Knoernschild
T20. Domain-Driven Design: Putting the Model to WorkTutorial
  • Eric Evans
T21. Domain-Specific Modeling: Enabling full code generationTutorial
  • Juha-Pekka Tolvanen
  • Steven Kelly
T23. Real-Time Programming on the Java PlatformTutorial
  • David Holmes
  • Tony Printezis
T24. The Adaptive Object-Model Architecture: Giving Users Control over Their BusinessTutorial
  • Joseph Yoder
T25. Building Viral and Scalable Social Software for the Facebook Platform with Ruby on RailsTutorial
  • E. Michael Maximilien
T26. Designing Secure Architectures using Security PatternsTutorial
  • Eduardo B. Fernandez
T27. Erlang/OTP Design PatternsTutorial
  • Francesco Cesarini
T28. How To Write Hard To Test Code & What To Look For When Reviewing Other Peoples Hard To Test CodeTutorial
  • Misko Hevery
T29. Software Development and Culture: Learning to Play TogetherTutorial
  • Robert Biddle
T30. Use-Case Modeling in Large Enterprises - Connecting the DotsTutorial
  • Gunnar Övergaard
  • Karin Palmkvist
Wednesday Tutorial LunchTutorial
T2. Introducing New Ideas into your OrganizationTutorial
  • Mary Lynn Manns
T31. Combinatorial Testing ExplainedTutorial
  • Peter Zimmerer
T32. Domain Driven Design StrategyTutorial
  • Eric Evans
T33. Introduction to Java Modeling Language (JML)Tutorial
  • Hridesh Rajan
  • Curtis Clifton
  • Gary T. Leavens
  • Joseph R. Kiniry
  • Robby
T35. Pairing Agile and LoggingTutorial
  • Christopher O'Connor
T36. Back to the Roots: A Programmer's Answer to Domain-Specific LanguagesTutorial
  • Klaus Ostermann
T37. Event-based Concurrency ControlTutorial
  • Tom Van Cutsem
T38. Robots Wild On SoftwareTutorial
  • Ted Layher
  • Kealy Opelt
T39. Scaling Objects for the Enterprise: What If Thousands of VMs Could Share Terabytes of Objects?Tutorial
  • James Foster
Thursday Tutorial LunchTutorial
T40. Can you be Rich and Thin? Building Dynamic Web Applications with SeasideTutorial
  • James Foster
T42. Tao of Test-Driven DevelopmentTutorial
  • Kent Spillner
T43. Using AOP with DDD to Create Rich, Clean Domain ModelsTutorial
  • Aslam Khan
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T19. Coaching Software Development Projects in Higher Education - CANCELLEDTutorial
  • Yael Dubinsky
  • Orit Hazzan
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