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Dynamic Languages Symposium

Invited TalkDynamic Languages Symposium
  1. Of Scripts and Programs: Tall Tales, Urban Legends, and Future Prospects
Papers 1Dynamic Languages Symposium
  1. Beyond Static and Dynamic Scope
Papers 2Dynamic Languages Symposium
  1. Groovy Package Templates - Supporting Reuse and Runtime Adaption of Class Hierarchies
  2. Contracts for First-Class Modules
  3. Language Embedding and Optimization in Mython
Papers 3Dynamic Languages Symposium
  1. Directing JavaScript with Arrows
  2. Context-oriented Software Transactional Memory in Common Lisp
  3. Fast Type Reconstruction for Dynamically Typed Programming Languages
Papers 4Dynamic Languages Symposium
  1. Optimization of Dynamic Languages Using Hierarchical Layering of Virtual Machines
  2. The Ruby Intermediate Language
  3. Hosting an Object Heap on Manycore Hardware: An Exploration
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