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Practitioner Reports

Industry Experience with Agile Development and SOAPractitioner Reports
  1. Agile development: Overcoming a short-term focus in implementing best practices
  2. Making SOA Work in a Healthcare Company
Current Programming and Applications Development TechniquesPractitioner Reports
  1. Scalable Nonblocking Concurrent Objects for Mission Critical Code
  2. Preon: Bit Syntax for Java
  3. Using a Recursive Traversal Algorithm With an Active Composite Pattern in Swing Applications
Cloud Computing and Emerging TechnologiesPractitioner Reports
  1. Toward Cloud-Agnostic Middlewares
  2. Using RESTful Web Services and Cloud Computing to create Next Generation Mobile Applications
Using Automation to Improve UML Models, Designs & Test CasesPractitioner Reports
  1. Refactoring UML models. Using OpenArchitectureWare to measure UML model quality and perform pattern matching on UML models with OCL queries.
  2. An Extensible Framework for Tracing Model Evolution in SOA Solution Design
  3. Reverse Generation and Refactoring of Fit Acceptance Tests for Legacy Code
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