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Culture of Programming Languages WorkshopOnward!
  • Sebastian Fleissner
  • Elisa Baniassad
Evaluation and Usability of Programming Languages and Tools WorkshopOnward!
  • Emerson Murphy-Hill
  • Craig Anslow
  • Shane Markstrum
Fragile Ideas WorkshopOnward!
  • Elisa Baniassad
  • Richard P. Gabriel
Reflections and Retrospectives in Software Development Environments WorkshopOnward!
  • Orit Hazzan
  • Yael Dubinsky
Software Research and Climate Change WorkshopOnward!
  • Steve Easterbrook
Papers 1Onward!
  1. Traditional Assignment Considered Harmful
  2. Silhouette: Visual Language for Meaningful Shape
  3. Coherent Reaction
  4. π - a Pattern Language
  1. DOLLI 2 - Project Presentation
  2. Puppet and the Probe
  3. Software Cinema: Stories from the Lab
  4. Video-based Requirements Engineering for Pervasive Computing Applications: An Example of Preventing Water Damage
Innovation in ProgressOnward!
  1. The Commenting Practice of Open Source
  2. Polymorphic System Architecture Summary
  3. How Does Project Managers Personality Matter? Building the Linkage between Project Managers Personality and the Success of software Development Projects
  4. Modern Meeting Management and Information Retrieval: Automatic Protocol Generation and Meeting Work
  5. The Mythical Matched Modules: Overcoming the Tyranny of Inflexible Software Construction
  6. To Pull or Not to Pull
  7. What is wrong with the Software Development? Research Trends and a new Software Engineering Paradigm
  8. Challenges for Agile Development of Large Systems in the Aviation Industry
Panel: Why is software not yet green?Onward!
  1. Why is software not yet green?
Essays 1Onward!
  1. Software Evolution and the Moving Picture Metaphor
  2. Agile Anthropology and Alexander's Architecture: An Essay in Three Voices
Papers 2Onward!
  1. Concurrency by Default: Using Permissions to Express Dataflow in Stateful Programs
  2. Modelling Software Processes - a Focus on Objectives
  3. Language Factories
  4. Writing Code for Other People: Cognitive Psychology and the Fundamentals of Good Software Design Principles
Papers 3Onward!
  1. Provenance: A Future History
  2. Towards Automation of Iteration Planning
  3. A Market-Based Approach to Software Evolution
  4. Regrowing a Language: Refactoring Tools Allow Programming Languages to Evolve
Essays 2Onward!
  1. An Exploration of Program as Language
  2. On Understanding Data Abstraction, Revisited
Papers 4Onward!
  1. When Users Become Collaborators: Towards Continuous and Context-Aware User Input
  2. Harmony-Oriented Programming and Software Evolution
  3. Agile Specifications
  4. Design Pattern Density Defined
Papers 5Onward!
  1. Reimagining Literate Programming
  2. Typestate-Oriented Programming
  3. Gaining inSight into Programs that Analyze Programs --By Visualizing the Analyzed Program
  4. Monterey Phoenix, or How to Make Software Architecture Executable
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