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T34. Javascript, the Programming Language of the Web

Anders Janmyr, Factor 10 Solutions

A programming language aficionado, who has taken a liking to Javascript since it allows him to use functional programming in his professional work. Anders has worked on a number of different web projects that rely on Javascript. He has also developed pure Javascript applications that have the advantage of allowing offline access while being easily distributed. Anders blogs at:

Javascript is one of the worlds most used programming languages, and companies and programmers all over the world rely on it. Yet, most programmers dislike it and it is treated like a second class citizen. The Javascript language has a reputation of being an ugly programming language and to some extent rightfully so, but under the ugly surface is a beautiful programming language with lambdas and closures. In this tutorial you will learn to use Javascript, functional programming techniques, and some useful libraries that can make life with Javascript a joy.


Programmers, used to languages other than Javascript, will learn to write good, non-intrusive Javascript that allow them to create dynamic web applications.


This tutorial will be 40% lecture and 60% hands-on programming on the participants own laptops.

Audience: Practitioners
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