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Ontology-Driven Software Engineering

Sergio de Cesare, Brunel University
Guido L. Geerts, University of Delaware
Grant Holland, Sun Microsystems Inc.
Mark Lycett, Brunel University
Chris Partridge, BORO Solutions Ltd.

Ontology-Driven Software Engineering (ODiSE) refers to the different ways in which ontologies (i.e., formalized conceptual models of real world domains) can contribute to improving Software Engineering - its processes and its artifacts. Ontologies have the potential of significantly impacting diverse aspects of software development. For example: (1) ontological principles can be used as the basis of improved development languages; (2) ontologies can help improve the way in which software development projects are organized; and (3) ontological domain models can drive or refine typical development phases, such as requirements, design and implementation. Regardless of important work already carried out by researchers and practitioners of leading organizations (e.g., by working groups at the OMG and the W3C), as the state-of-the-art stands, ODiSE is still in its infancy. Significant steps are therefore required in order to produce industrially robust and scalable ODiSE solutions.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds in order to discuss and analyze the different perspectives, issues and challenges of Ontology-Driven Software Engineering. Researchers and practitioners are invited to provide contributions in the form of research/case study (max. 15 pages) or position/idea papers (2-3 pages) related to the workshop theme. The ODiSE workshop is aimed at promoting discussion among the workshop participants, identifying key research areas of Ontology Driven Software Engineering and fostering future research collaborations in the form of joint research projects and/or papers.

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