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Third International Workshop on Web APIs and Services Mashups (Mashups'09)

E. Michael Maximilien, IBM Research - Almaden
Cesare Pautasso, University of Lugano
Stefan Tai, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The Web is now programmable. Part of this programmability comes from the many Web APIs available from Web sites and services. An interesting consequence of these APIs is the ability to combine the resulting data and process into new data and processes achieving higher-level value than originally exposed by the initial APIs.

A classic example is to combine mapping APIs (e.g., Google Maps) and the Atom data APIs from Craigslist or the REST API from Eventful database to have a new service that displays listing or events on the map. These resulting new Web applications, or mashups, add new value to the initial Web APIs that individually they would not be able to do alone.

While mashups have taken off and 1000s of mashups are currently widely available for various purposes, there remains various challenges and opportunities, that if addressed would make mashups even more widely available and accessible on the Web. A few of these challenges are:

1) How to integrate mashups into social computing platforms, such as Facebook and OpenSocial-enabled social networks, which provide a huge user base with profile and social graphs data;

2) How to scale mashups, maybe taking advantage cloud computing infrastructure;

3) How to provide the necessary primitives to secure resulting data from mashups and also maintain privacy concerns of the original data and APIs;

4) Can mashups platforms and tools be simplified to a point that they could be generated by end-users with minimal programming;

5) What about mashups for mobile platforms, such as smartphones, which also expose interesting new kind of information such as location and profile data.

In this third installment of the International Mashups Workshop we will solicit contributions addressing these issues. We plan to continue the tradition of the two previous Mashups workshops (2007 in Vienna and 2008 in Sydney) of not only selecting a broad range of papers in the space but also getting keynote speakers from leading industry groups that are currently offering mashups tools and platforms for wide-consumptions and availability.

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