Wednesday, 29 October


Keynotes & Invited Speakers: Seven Paradoxes of Object-Oriented Programming Languages


Poster: Posters on display


Technical Paper Technical Papers and Onward!: Error Repair
Technical Paper: Generics
Panel: Discipline and Practices of TDD (Test Driven Development)
Onward!: Acceptability-Oriented Computing
Domain-Driven Development: Vision


Demonstration 17: Redeveloping a High-Performance Computing FrameWork
Demonstration 18: Do You Still Use a Database?
Demonstration 20 Jazz: A Collaborative Application Development Environment
Demonstration 22 T++ : A Tool for Web Application Development with C++


Demonstration 2: Smart Play-Out
Demonstration 23: AspectJ Development Tools
Demonstration 24 Variant Management for Embedded Software Product Lines with Pure::Consul and AspectC++
Demonstration 27 Visual SDLC: Improving Requirements Engineering for Object-Oriented Systems

13:30-17:00 Afternoon

Tutorial 44: Notes on the Forgotten Art of Software Architecture
Tutorial 45: Test-Driven Development with "fit", the Framework for Integrated Test
Tutorial 46 Object-Oriented Reengineering: Patterns & Techniques
Tutorial 47: Enterprise Application Integration with J2EE and .NET
Tutorial 48: Guided Inspection of UML Models
Tutorial 49: Extending Enterprise Systems with Mobile/Wireless Applications
Tutorial 50: Understanding Circa-2003 XML Technologies
Tutorial 51: Designing Reliable Collaborations
Tutorial 52 Agile Database Techniques: Data Doesn't Have To Be A Four Letter Word Anymore


Technical Paper: Java Performance
Panel: Innovate!
Practitioners Report: Old Code
Domain-Driven Development: Technology


Demonstration 3: Visualizing and AspectJ-enabling Eclipse Plugins using Bytecode Instrumentation
Demonstration 4: Automated Impact Analysis of Objected Oriented Software
Demonstration 5 JPie: An Environment for Live Software Construction in Java
Demonstration 21: Requirements Use case Tool (RUT)


Technical Paper: Language Design
Panel Model Driven Architecture: How far have we come, how far can we go?
Practitioners Report: Real-World Objects
Onward!: The Biology of Information


Demonstration 6: Hardware/Software Codesign For Neo Smalltalk
Demonstration 8 QuickUML: a tool to support iterative design and code development
Demonstration 9: The Generic Modeling Environment
Demonstration 25: Building Compilers For Micro-programmable Graphics Processors


Special Event: The Big Event