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22 T++ : A Tool for Web Application Development with C++

Wednesday, 29 October – 11:00-11:45

Antonio Terceiro, Federal University of Bahia, terceiro@im.ufba.br
Christina Chavez, Federal University of Bahia, flach@im.ufba.br

C++ is widely used in application development, and there is no consolidated engine for web application development in C++. This work demonstrates T++, a tool for using C++ in web application development.

T++ works like JSP does for JAVA, and looks like other web programming tools: special documents have markup content, like HTML, mixed with C++ source code, which is executed when an user requests that document.

The expected audience for this presentation are software developers interested in using C++ to develop web applications.

T++ itself, the internal engine, is object oriented. The programming interface is object oriented too: documents generates classes that extend a T++ standard class, and can define methods, attributes and other members.

T++ is a free software engine that brings together some different techniques to provide a highly usable, efficient and safe tool for web development. Those techniques include shared memory allocation for C++ objects and dynamic C++ class loading. Running T++ requires a GNU/Linux system, an Apache web server, and GNU Compiler Collection (gcc) with support to C++.

This demonstration will show the basics of web application development with T++, including how to set up the T++ engine, how to program with T++, and some web development techniques.

Keywords: Web application development, C++