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Discipline and Practices of TDD (Test Driven Development)

Wednesday, 29 October – 10:30-12:00

Steven Fraser (Chair), Independent Consultant, sdfraser@acm.org
Dave Astels, Adaption Software, dave@adaptionsoft.com
Kent Beck, Three Rivers Institute, kent@threeriversinstitute.org
Barry Boehm, USC, boehm@cse.usc.edu
John McGregor, Clemson University, johnmc@cs.clemson.edu
James Newkirk, Microsoft, jamesnew@microsoft.com
Charlie Poole, Poole Consulting, poole@pooleconsulting.com

This panel brings together practitioners with experience in Agile and XP methodologies to discuss the approaches and benefits of applying Test Driven Development (TDD). The goal of TDD is clean code that works. The mantra of TDD is: write a test; make it run; and make it right. Open questions to be addressed by the panel include:

  • How are TDD approaches to be applied to databases, GUIs, and distributed systems?
  • What are the quantitative benchmarks that can demonstrate the value of TDD, and
  • What are the best approaches to solve the ubiquitous issue of scalability?