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47 Enterprise Application Integration with J2EE and .NET

Wednesday, 29 October – 13:30-17:00 Afternoon

Ian Gorton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, ian.gorton@pnl.gov
Anna Liu, Microsoft Australia, annali@microsoft.com

Creating enterprise-scale information systems poses many challenges, as such systems require integrating multiple (legacy) applications in such a way as to streamline and automate internal business processes and provide web-enabled business functions. The underlying architectures for such systems are embodied in a range of diverse products known as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technologies.

This tutorial introduces EAI. It highlights some of the major issues in EAI technology selection, application design, and deployment. It introduces service-oriented architectures as a means of EAI, and presents some common architecture patterns for accomplishing EAI using J2EE and .NET. J2EE components covered will include the Java Messaging Service, Java Connector Architecture and supporting application server technology. In .NET, BizTalk, Web Services and various XML technologies will be described and illustrated. We will conclude with a detailed comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of J2EE and .NET technologies for EAI.

Attendee background

Prerequisites: A solid understanding of object-oriented programming languages, such as Java, C++, or C#. Familiarity with the key features of distributed component technologies and enterprise platforms (e.g., J2EE, .NET) is useful but not required.


Lecture and demonstrations


Ian Gorton is chief architect in information sciences and engineering at the US Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. His research interests include software architectures, particularly large-scale, high-performance information systems that use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) middleware technologies. Dr. Gorton received a PhD in Computer Science from Sheffield Hallam University.

Anna Liu is an enterprise architect with Microsoft Australia. Her research interests include software architectures, patterns and best practices, and COTS software-evaluation and acquisition methods. Dr. Liu holds a BEng (with honors) and a PhD in computer engineering from the University of New South Wales, Australia.