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Model Driven Architecture: How far have we come, how far can we go?

Wednesday, 29 October – 15:30-17:00

Granville Miller (Chair), Borland, Randy.Miller@borland.com
Andy Evans, Xactium Limited, andy.evans@xactium.com
Ivar Jacobson, JacZone, ivar@jaczone.com
Henrik Jondel, Borland, henrik.jondel@borland.com
Allan Kennedy, Kennedy Carter, allan.kennedy@kc.com
Stephen Mellor, Project Technology, steve@executableumlbook.com
Dave Thomas, Bedarra Research Labs, dave@bedarra.com

Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is a technology that has been in the process of evolution for many years. Today, many vendors are now producing products that support MDA. We are hearing more and more success stories that indicate that this technology is the "real deal". But, with the failed promises of CASE in the late 1980's, many people still have questions about how much of an application can be generated from models and constraint languages. Is MDA really capable of generating enterprise applications? What are the technologies are available to implement MDA? Here is your opportunity to ask the experts the questions that are necessary to convince you of the validity of this new technology. Each of these panelists has been intricately involved in building the underlying foundations of Model Driven Architecture and its implementation.