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Wednesday, 29 October – 13:30-15:00

Laura Hill (Chair), Sun Microsystems, Inc., laura.hill@sun.com
Rachel Davies, Amarinda, rachel@amarinda.com
Dick Gabriel, Sun Microsystems, Inc., rpg@dreamsongs.com
Harlan Sexton, Oracle Corp, hsexton@oracle.com
Kevin Tyson, Independent Consultant, kptyson@earthlink.net
David West, New Mexico Highlands University and University of New Mexico, dwest@cs.nmhu.edu

Freedom to innovate is one of the key motivators for many technical workers. Unfortunately, although innovation is often trumpeted as a key company attribute, it seems that many organizations struggle to provide the necessary environment—even those organizations whose original claim to fame lay in their ability to innovate. This panel will look at the barriers to innovation that occur in a variety of environments: large, well-established organizations, start-ups, academia, standards bodies and the open source community. Panelists will propose a set of technical and non-technical techniques that can be used to foster innovation in even the most lethargic or hostile environment.