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27 Visual SDLC: Improving Requirements Engineering for Object-Oriented Systems

Wednesday, 29 October – 12:00-12:45

Thursday, 30 October – 13:00-13:45

Marc Raygoza, Visual SDLC CTO, mraygoza@cmu.edu

In theory, requirements engineering solves many of software engineering's fundamental problems. The stakeholders know what the developers are building, why they are building it, when they are building it, and even to some degree, how they are building it. If requirements engineering resolves some of the basic communication issues between IT and the business, why aren't more companies actively practicing this discipline? In practice, requirements engineering is almost impractical without a commercial automation tool. The critics argue that the current automation tools do not convincingly demonstrate its value proposition, or fulfill the longstanding promises of the leading requirements engineering experts. This paper describes how the enterprise software development lifecycle management solution, Visual SDLC, addresses some of the outstanding issues of the present requirements engineering tools.