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Extravagaria V: Photographing Conferences (Advanced)

Richard Gabriel, IBM Research
Kevin Sullivan, University of Virginia

Photographing a conference is a serious matter. Major commercial conferences like TED and the O'Reilly conferences hire professionals to capture their meetings both for advertising and historical purposes. OOPSLA typically has a historically important set of people speaking and attending, and every OOPSLA holds the possibility of premiering a major new idea in computing. You will learn and hone intermediate and advanced technical and aesthetic techniques for good conference photography, and you will practice these techniques during OOPSLA. We will explore both pure photojournalism and a fine-arts approach to conference photography. Work will be critiqued using a writers' workshop process to enable you to continue learning and improving after the workshop. Participants will be expected to attend a full-day of lectures and interactive learning activities as well as photograph the conference on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with short, early morning writers' workshops on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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