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Architecture in an Agile World

Impressario: Steven Fraser, Cisco Research Center
Panelist: Ethan Hadar, CA Inc.
Panelist: Irit Hadar, University of Haifa
Panelist: Dennis Mancl, Alcatel-Lucent
Panelist: Grenville (Randy) Miller, Microsoft
Panelist: Bill Opdyke, Motorola

This panel will explore the apparent dichotomy of agile-centric and architecture-centric approaches to software development. Some questions to be discussed depending on community interest include: How are architecture practices applied in a world where "agile" must co-exist with more traditional sequential processes and the scale and scope of legacy systems? - What are organization structures, tools, methods, and education/training strategies that can be used to maximize the delivered value and reduce the cost of system ownership? This panel is intended to build on a workshop of the same name.

Organizer: Steven Fraser, Cisco Research Center

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