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Chair's Welcome

Shail Arora, Senior Vice President, Adayana, Inc.

Welcome to the 24th OOPSLA Conference. This year we are seeding Clouds, we are learning to Scale and Mash, and continue to be Reliable and Agile.

As conference Chair, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the premier forum for practitioners, researchers, educators and students in diverse disciplines whose common threads are objects and related technologies.

From its inception, OOPSLA has served as an incubator for advanced technologies and practices. Dynamic compilation and optimization, patterns, refactoring, aspect-oriented software development, agile methods, service-oriented architectures and model-driven development (to name just a few) all have OOPSLA roots.

OOPSLA 2009 continues and strengthens that tradition. It features an exciting roster of researchers, practitioners and educators from around the world coming to showcase their latest work in a highly diverse set of venues that meet the needs of our equally diverse audience.

Enjoy our co-located symposia. Onward! is more radical, more visionary and more open than other conferences to not-so-well proven but well-argued ideas. It welcomes different ways of thinking. The 5th Dynamic Languages Symposium (DLS) is a forum for discussion of dynamic languages, their implementation and application. WikiSym 2009 aims to explore and extend the thriving wiki community, by bringing together researchers, practitioners, writers and scholars.

Many other events to participate in, including: Research Papers, Panels. Practitioner Reports, Tutorials, Workshops, DesignFest, Educators’ and Trainers’ Symposium, Doctoral Symposium, Demonstrations, Posters, Lightning Talks, and Student Research Papers.

Putting together a conference of this magnitude requires hard work from many individuals. Hundreds of talented, dedicated and enthusiastic people work for months to bring it about. I am very thankful for all the work performed by the Conference committee, the Program committee and the numerous subcommittees. I am grateful also to the OOPSLA Steering Committee, for their guidance and support, to our corporate supporters, and to SIGPLAN and ACM for sponsoring the conference. Finally, I would like to thank you for taking part in OOPSLA 2009. You make OOPSLA the exceptional conference that it is.

Let’s continue to contribute to our community!

Shail Arora

OOPSLA 2009 Conference Chair

Adayana, Inc.

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