Podcast episodes 2 and 3

For your listening pleasure, we have two new podcast episodes posted on iTunes.

In episode 2 we have Juha-Pekka Tolvasen of Metacase on the up and coming, 8th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling at OOPSLA 2008. JP also discusses the increasing impact of DSM and DSLs as they shift from research to applications in real-world industry settings.

In episode 3, Gregor Kiczales, Research Program Chair for OOPSLA 2008, discusses the all important research program this year. One of the long lasting value of OOPSLA is that it allows leading edge researchers to mind melt with industry engineers and managers. Gregor realizes this important aspect :-) and has led the selection of a fantastic research program that will surely continue this tradition. Listen to Gregor's overview and mark your calendar to make sure to attend some of these excellent papers. I know I am.

More episodes to come...

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