OOPSLA features various awards that are either offered by the conference itself or via associated organizations using the conference as a venue to present their awards. We are pleased to announce the following awards that will be presented at this year's conference.

Most Influential OOPSLA Paper

Presented annually to the author(s) of a paper presented at the OOPSLA held 10 years prior to the award year. The award includes a prize of $1,000 to be split among the authors of the winning paper. The papers are judged by their influence over the past decade.

John Vlissides Award

In recognition of the contributions to computer science that John Vlissides made during his lifetime, SIGPLAN has established the John Vlissides Award. The award is presented annually to a doctoral student participating in the OOPSLA Doctoral Symposium showing significant promise in applied software research. All doctoral candidates participating in the annual OOPSLA Doctoral Symposium are eligible. The award includes a prize of $2,000.

Best Student Paper

OOPSLA 2008 will continue the long-standing tradition of recognizing the best student-authored paper at the conference. The Program Chair will select the winning paper among those selected by the Program Committee. The paper will be announced at the conference. Eligible papers must have a student as first authors. Authors may indicate eligibility as part of the paper submission process.