LISP 50th anniversary

As if one needed more reasons to attend OOPLSA, well this one if of such historical significance for the field that it maybe worth a conference pass by itself...

To celebrate the venerable LISP language 50th anniversary (McCarthy's original LISP paper was published in Communications of the ACM in 1958) the OOPSLA organizers have arranged to have a series of events and a workshop around the language and it's influence on Object-Oriented Languages and computer science.

Not only will you be treated with lots of discussions and reminisce and anecdotes on the influences of LISP on the community, by experts who have spearheaded the efforts (e.g., Guy Steele and Richard Gabriel to name a few), rumors have it that Turing Award winner and one of the main creators of Smalltalk Alan Kay will also be present and he will be interviewing Turing Award winner John McCarthy, the father of LISP himself.

(see you there :)

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