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Thursday, 30 October

8:30-12:00 Morning

Tutorial 53 Legacy: The Other Kind of Inheritance
Tutorial 54: Running Agile Software Development Projects with RUP
Tutorial 55 J2EE in Practice: Architectural Variations in the Context of Enterprise Systems
Tutorial 56: Model-Driven Architecture
Tutorial 57 Test-Driven Development Workout: Building Java Muscle
Tutorial 58: Object-Oriented Modelling with UML


Keynotes & Invited Speakers: OOPSLA Keynote - The Internet Paradigm Shift
Technical Paper: Garbage Collection 1
Panel: Agile Management—An Oxymoron?


The ACM SIGPLAN Student Research Competition: Student Research Award Presentation


Poster: Posters on display


Technical Paper: Garbage Collection 2
Panel Object-Oriented Success Stories: "Learning from our Failures"
Onward! Panel: Reuse Repositories and Reuse—The Realities


Technical Paper: Analysis


Demonstration 11 ATCT: a Java Framework that Offers New Approach to Developing Asynchronous Processes
Demonstration 14 MetaEdit+: Defining and using domain-specific modeling languages and code generators
Demonstration 15: A Policy Based System to Incorporate Self-Managing Behaviors in Applications
Demonstration 16: Using Events to Debug Java Programs Backwards in Time


Demonstration 3: Visualizing and AspectJ-enabling Eclipse Plugins using Bytecode Instrumentation
Demonstration 7: Making reusable learning objects available through LOM and XML
Demonstration 12: Generative Model Transformer
Demonstration 18: Do You Still Use a Database?


Demonstration 21: Requirements Use case Tool (RUT)
Demonstration 24 Variant Management for Embedded Software Product Lines with Pure::Consul and AspectC++
Demonstration 26: Time Conscious Objects
Demonstration 27 Visual SDLC: Improving Requirements Engineering for Object-Oriented Systems


Keynotes & Invited Speakers: Eclipse and The Dark Side of the Moon
Technical Paper: Transactions and Persistence
Panel: What's so eXtreme About Doing Things Right?
Panel Application Servers: One Size Fits All ... Not?


Special Event: Ice Cream Social (OOPSLA 2004 Kick-off)