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Object-Oriented Success Stories: "Learning from our Failures"

Thursday, 30 October – 10:30-12:00

Joseph Yoder (Chair), The Refactory Inc. & The University of Illinois, joeyoder@joeyoder.com
Ralph Johnson, The Refactory Inc. & The University of Illinois, johnson@cs.uiuc.edu
Steven Wingo, Southern Company, RSWingo@southernco.com
Ron Jeffries, XProgramming.com, ronjeffries@acm.org
Linda Rising, Independent Consultant, risingl@acm.org

Beneath the buzz around methodologies, languages and technologies, the last eighteen years at OOPSLA have seen countless object-oriented success stories, large and small. This fishbowl will provide OOPSLA attendees to bear witness to these victories, and tell these tales at last. Similarly we propose a follow-up fishbowl that discusses our failures. Just as much (if not more) can be learned from failures as can from successes.