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12 Generative Model Transformer

Tuesday, 28 October – 15:00-15:45

Thursday, 30 October – 12:00-12:45

Ghica van Emde Boas, bronstee.com, emdeboas@bronstee.com
Jorn Bettin, SoftMetaWare, jorn.bettin@softmetaware.com

The Generative Model Transformer (GMT) project is an Open Source initiative to build a Model Driven Architecture™ tool that allows fully customisable Platform Independent Models, Platform Description Models, Mappings, and Refinement Transformations. The project should result in:

  • a tool that fulfils the MDA promise for faster/more accurate/better maintainable application development,
  • a tool for industrial use,
  • MDA related research - which is encouraged and needed.

GMT resides as a technology project on Eclipse.org.

The demo intends to show the state of the tool at the time of OOPSLA.

The software is designed using UML modeling and implemented using generative techniques. It will be implemented mainly in Java. Links will be provided to other existing tools that can fill in some of the functionality required.

GMT will provide a related set of components that can be used by other MDA tool components, and will consist of four main components:

  • A mapping component that can combine two XMI-encoded models into one new XMI-encoded model.
  • A model transformation component using XMI as input and output.
  • A text generation component, using XMI as input and text (code) as output.
  • A workflow component that provides the required glue between the three functional components above, any additional user-developed MDA tool components, and popular IDEs/tool platforms such as Eclipse.