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OOPSLA 2003 is Over

For program information visit the schedule page, or view the final programPDF (PDF: 910k).

Experience the Future of Object Technology

OOPSLA is the premier gathering of practitioners, researchers, educators, and students sharing their ideas and experiences with object technology. OOPSLA is more than cutting edge—it shapes what cutting edge will look like in the years to come. OOPSLA offers a variety of outstanding events and activities that benefit a wide spectrum of participants—from novices to experts and everyone in between.

With So Much to Offer, OOPSLA May be the Only Conference You Need to Attend!

This year's invited speakers include OOPSLA keynote speaker Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly & Associates, and Onward! keynote speaker Professor Lawrence Lessig, Stanford University Law School; plus invited talks by Dr. Erich Gamma, IBM, on Eclipse; Gerald Labedz, Motorola, on Augmented Reality; and Dr. David Ungar, Sun Microsystems, on Programming Language Design.

OOPSLA's renowned, world-class tutorials program offers you the knowledge you need to be most effective in today's demanding research and industrial climate. This year's OOPSLA has over 50 tutorials to choose from!

OOPSLA workshops are intensive collaborative sessions where groups of object technologists meet to surface, discuss, and attempt to solve challenging problems facing their field.

DesignFest® participants learn more about design by doing it! Sharpen your skills by rolling up your sleeves and working on a real problem with other participants.

The Onward! Track contains technical and philosophical papers describing new paradigms or metaphors in computing, new thinking about objects, new framings of computational problems or systems, and new technologies.

A special track, Domain-Driven Development, focuses on a range of emerging technologies, including Model-Driven Architecture, Aspect-Oriented Modeling, and Generative Programming.

Visit Bookseller's Alley where you can meet and talk with the authors—they're at OOPSLA too!

And much more, like panels, practitioner's reports, poster sessions, the doctoral symposium, the educators' symposium, demonstrations, and the peer-reviewed technical papers.

Important Dates

Last Day of Early Registration: Thursday, 18 September 2003

Last Day of Advanced Registration: Thursday, 9 October 2003