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ORTS: A Tool for Optimized Regression Testing Selection (2 of 2)

presenter: Sheng Huang, IBM China Research Lab

This paper presents ORTS, a tool for facilitating testers to generate optimized regression test suite for commercial java applications. The aspects emphasized by the demonstration are: (1) how to help testers capture runtime traces of test execution; (2) how to identify change points during the build update; (3) how does ORTS improve the efficiency of the regression testing and reduce the cost by generating optimized regression test suite. The whole design strategy is lightweight, making the regression test selection process more automated and effective, and scalable to commercial regression testing scenarios with resource and time constraints.

Full author list:

  • Sheng Huang, IBM China Research Lab
  • Jun Zhu, IBM China Research Lab
  • Yuan Ni, IBM China Research Lab
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