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OOPSLA 2009 was over in a Flash

See you next year in Reno/Tahoe, Nevada where OOPSLA becomes a part of

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State-of-the-art meets the state-of-practice...
Practitioners meet Researchers...
Software Engineering meets Programming Languages...

At OOPSLA 2009 we will:

That is just a sampling of what makes OOPSLA the conference of choice for software technologists—from recognized academics to undergraduate students, from industrial researchers to developers and managers, from the creators of technology to its users.

We are proud to offer you OOPSLA and look forward to sharing the experience with you this year in Orlando.


OOPSLA 2009 - Videocast 2 - Social Software with Patrick Chanezon of Google, Inc.

As we discussed in one of the previous OOPSLA 2009 blog post social software continues to impact modern lives in ways the inventors or users of the technologies are uncovering daily. By empowering everyone to be a “journalist” and a “broadcaster”, social media and associated tools are enabling everyone, everywhere, to have a voice and thus is encouraging democratic virtues to flow in all regions of the world. We are seeing only the beginning of this social media revolution.

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