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OOPSLA 2009 - Videocast 2 - Social Software with Patrick Chanezon of Google, Inc.

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As we discussed in one of the previous OOPSLA 2009 blog post social software continues to impact modern lives in ways the inventors or users of the technologies are uncovering daily. By empowering everyone to be a “journalist” and a “broadcaster”, social media and associated tools are enabling everyone, everywhere, to have a voice and thus is encouraging democratic virtues to flow in all regions of the world. We are seeing only the beginning of this social media revolution.



In this videocast we caught up, at Google IO 2009 in San Francisco, with Patrick Chanezon: one of Google’s most outspoken evangelists on Social Media and Software. Patrick corroborates the importance and wide ranging impact of Social Media and Software. He also talks about Google’s effort to create an open social platform and the successes they have been able to achieve thus far. Importantly, Patrick explains why HTML, JavaScript, and Web APIs in conjunction with platforms like YoutubeFacebook, and Twitter have enabled a new style of Web programming which in turn has facilitated viral sharing of Web content to create this new social Web fabric where content flows in real time without national borders.

Patrick ends the videocast by discussing why OOPSLA matters to Google and how Googlers view deep computer science conferences such as OOPSLA. 

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