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24 Middleware Benchmarking

Sunday, 26 October – 8:30-17:00 Full day

Paul Brebner, CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences, Australia, paul.brebner@csiro.au
Emmanuel Cecchet, INRIA Rhone-Alpes, France, emmanuel.cecchet@inrialpes.fr
Julie Marguerite, ObjectWeb Consorcium, France, julie.marguerite@inrialpes.fr
Petr Tuma, Charles University, Czech Republic, petr.tuma@mff.cuni.cz

The goal of the workshop is to help advance the current practice of gathering performance characteristics of middleware implementations through benchmarking. The workshop will serve as a meeting point between middleware developers and middleware users as two representative groups that are typically involved in middleware benchmarking but tend to have different requirements. Positions are solicited especially from people with previous or impending benchmarking experience.

The participants of the workshop will identify requirements and obstacles of middleware benchmarking and form a position on issues such as designing a framework that would allow the design, running and evaluating a diverse range of benchmarks over a diverse range of middleware, designing benchmark criteria that would allow for a meaningful comparison of results collected over different platforms, designing a framework suitable for regular regression testing, or providing means to verify the benchmarking results and their applicability to specific usage situations.

Keywords: middleware, benchmarking, performance evaluation