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15 Multiparadigm Programming with OO Languages (MPOOL'03)

Sunday, 26 October – 8:30-17:00 Full day

Kei Davis, Los Alamos National Laboratory, kei@lanl.gov
Timothy Budd, Computer Science Department, Oregon State University, budd@cs.orst.edu
Joerg Striegnitz, Research Center Juelich, Central Institute for Applied Mathematics (ZAM), j.striegnitz@fz-juelich.de
Peter Van Roy, Department of Computing Science and Engineering, Catholic University of Louvain, pvr@info.ucl.ac.be

While OO has become ubiquitously employed for design, implementation, and even conceptualization, many practitioners recognize the concomitant need for other programming paradigms according to problem domain. Nevertheless, the choice of a programming paradigm is strongly influenced by the supporting programming language facilities. In turn, choice of programming language is usually a practical matter: one cannot generally afford to use a language not in the mainstream. We seek answers to the question of how to address the need for other programming paradigms in the general context of OO languages.

Can OO programming languages effectively support other programming paradigms? The tentative answer seems to be affirmative, at least for some paradigms; for example, significant progress has been made for the case of (higher order, polymorphic) functional programming in C++.

This workshop seeks to bring together practitioners and researchers in this emerging field to 'compare notes' on their work--describe existing, developing, or proposed techniques, idioms, methodologies, language extensions, or software for expressing non-OO paradigms in OO languages and the .NET framework; or theoretical work supporting or defining the same. Work-in-progress reports are welcomed.

Keywords: multiparadigm programming, object-oriented languages