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13 Beyond Green-Field Software Development: Strategies for Reengineering and Evolution

Monday, 27 October – 8:30-17:00 Full day

Dennis Mancl, Lucent Technologies - Bell Labs, mancl@lucent.com
William Opdyke, North Central College, opdyke@acm.org
Steven Fraser, Consultant, sdfraser@acm.org
Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, Infolab Tilburg University, W.J.A.M.vdnHeuvel@uvt.nl

Reengineering and evolution are important for long-lived software systems. Change and growth in the system's requirements and functionality occur in all kinds of systems — and it is especially critical to manage the evolution process in modern agile and extreme software processes. The management of change and growth may in fact become a daily activity, so a well defined set of techniques and tools for doing reengineering are critical to success.

This workshop picks up from the results of the OOPSLA '02 workshop "Tackling the Discovery Costs of Evolving Software Systems."

Participants will present and discuss encapsulation and reverse engineering techniques, impact of reengineering on software processes, organizational concerns, and experiences in managing software change "in the extreme".