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Xtreme Programming and Agile Coaching

Tuesday, 28 October – 15:30-17:00

Steven Fraser (Impresario), Independent Consultant, sdfraser@acm.org
Rachel Reinitz (Chair), IBM, rreinitz@us.ibm.com
Jutta Eckstein, Independent Consultant, jutta@jeckstein.com
Joshua Kerievsky, Industrial Logic, joshua@industriallogic.com
Rob Mee, Pivotal Computer Systems, robmee@ieee.org
Mary Poppendieck, Agile Alliance, mary@poppendieck.com

This panel brings together coaches to discuss all aspects of the practice: how to become a coach, choosing a coach, and describing what is to be an (in) effective coach. A coach watches, provides feedback, and suggests subtle direction. The coach may be more—for example—an architect or team lead—but that is a matter for debate. This session will be run as a panel with two open "fish bowl" seats, only one of which may be occupied by audience members at any one time. The panelists will defend their positions and offer feedback. Panelists were asked to offer their observations on three questions: How did YOU become a coach? What's the toughest thing you've had to do as a coach? What's your advice for teams looking for a coach?