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Due March 19, 2009

Research Program

Call for Papers - Due March 19, 2009

Abstract Submission Deadline:
 March 19, 2009
Full Papers Due:  March 23, 2009

OOPSLA'09 solicits excellent research papers that present new research and novel technical results, advance the state of the art, or report on experience or experimentation. Papers should report significant contributions to the exploration, study, use, and understanding of programming, systems, languages, or applications.

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Practitioner Reports

Call for Papers - Due March 19, 2009

OOPSLA Practitioner Reports provide a great opportunity for industry practitioners and researchers to overview and report on leading methods and practices for software solutions and software development in actual practice. The Practitioner Reports provide the OOPSLA community a view as to what's working (or not!) in leading-edge systems, applications, architecture, methodologies, frameworks, patterns, or management techniques. These reports are an integral part of the OOPSLA Conference.

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Call for Papers - Due March 19, 2009

OOPSLA tutorials are half-day classes, taught by experts, designed to help software professionals rapidly come up to speed on a specific technology or methodology. Tutorials can be lecture-oriented or participatory.

OOPSLA tutorial attendees deserve the highest standard of excellence in tutorial preparation and delivery. Tutorial presenters are typically experts in their chosen topic and experienced speakers skilled in preparing and delivering educational presentations. When selecting tutorials, we will consider the presenter’s knowledge of the proposed topic and past success at teaching it.

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Call for Papers - Due March 19, 2009

It's all about networking and collaboration - whether you are seeking research partners, potential funders, new ideas or perhaps even a new job!

OOPSLA workshops are a great way to grow your knowledge and expand your professional network! They have a global reach and draw diverse groups of technologists from various industry and research organizations around the world who share common interests and passions for advancing the field of software engineering. They are highly interactive events, with ample opportunity to share insights, learn from others and build connections that typically extend well beyond the OOPSLA experience.

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Call for Papers - Due March 19, 2009

OOPSLA panels have consistently been among the best-attended and well-received attractions at the conference. The best panels offer an engaging, entertaining, and informative examination of a timely topic from a variety of viewpoints. OOPSLA panels offer a unique forum to spotlight emerging issues. They also give the OOPSLA community a way to tackle controversial and divisive topics head-on in a fun, interactive way that can shed welcome light on the issues we all must deal with.

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Educators’ and Trainers’ Symposium

Call for Papers - Due March 19, 2009

The Educators’ and Trainers’ Symposium provides a forum for academic and industry professionals who have a vested interest in technology education and training.   This one-day event is a unique opportunity for these individuals to come together and discuss their ideas for incorporating OO and various software development methods, practices and theory into courses, curricula, and training plans.

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