Call for Participation, OOPSLA 2008

Due March 19, 2008 Due July 2, 2008
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This year we will have 3 major research tracks with peer reviewed papers that will be published in OOPSLA 2008 Proceedings: Research Papers, Onward! and Essays. We are seeking submissions for these tracks, please read the appropriate call for papers.

New this year is the Development track. Where the research tracks focus on rigorous peer reviewed research, the Development track can focus on the myriad of developments, large and small, taking place in industry, labs, and institutions every day. Open source, Service Oriented Architectures, Domain Specific Languages, Dynamic Languages, Ultra Large Scale Systems, the list is endless. The Development track is looking for papers, experience reports, demos, and posters from experts in their field, from researchers and academics, from developers, from practitioners, from you.

Every year OOPSLA hosts a large number of tutorials covering almost any aspect of the software industry. Tutorials provide an excellent opportunity to teach state of the art topics to an eager audience of software professionals.

Each year OOPSLA brings the Educators' Symposium. A one day conference in a conference for educators. This is a premier opportunity for software educators to meet, teach, and learn. This year, will be already the 17th time. The Educators' Symposium is looking for submissions of papers, demonstrations, posters, and interactive sessions.

The OOPSLA 2008 Doctoral Symposium is intended for PhD? students and people seeking an academic career. The Doctoral Symposium is looking for proposers and apprentices. If you are a student and you think this is applicable, check out the CFP. A limited number of grants are available.

Workshops are an opportunity to spend a day discussing a topic with your peers. OOPSLA traditionally draws a large crowd of software experts, if you have an interesting topic you want to discuss with others, submit a workshop. The topic and the format of the workshop is more or less free to choose by the organizers. Workshops are for everybody, do not hesitate to submit a proposal (or participate in one).

Panels are the relax points of the conference. They provide some air and relaxation between the more serious research talks and practioner reports. However, panels educate because the format allows recognized experts to make their case in front of their peers and the audience. OOPSLA has had some tremendous panels in the past, and we are looking for more.

DesignFest, one of the lesser known parts of OOPSLA, is a training method, not in the courseware sense, but in the sportlike sense. It is an exercise in design with your peers. Attendees are given a problem description and must provide a design in limited time and with changing requirements. This is one of the rare cases where we are actually looking for problems!

After its remarkable success in previous years, OOPSLA is again hosting an ACM SIGPLAN Student Research Competition. The competition, sponsored by Microsoft Research, is an internationally-recognised venue that enables undergraduate and graduate students to experience the research world, share their research results with other students and OOPSLA attendees, and compete for prizes.

Last, but absolutely not least, student volunteers. The OOPSLA organization runs on student volunteers. In return for their hard work, the volunteers can attend attend events, meet many well known OOPSLA attendees, and generally have a terrific time. If you are a student, take a look if you can participate.

OOPSLA 2008, submit your proposals in time, make it your conference, and mark your calendar. Looking forward to seeing you all in Nashville October 19-23.

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