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Special Events

OOPSLA 2002 provides the opportunity to mingle with the recognized leaders in object technology in a more casual setting through a number of social activities designed just for that purpose. In addition, the OOPSLA Courtyard, in the center of the Exhibit Hall, will offer food and beverage concessions, Poster Session, the OOPSLA CodeFest, Camp Small Talk and one-on-one interaction with Conference speakers and authors.

Name badges will be required to attend events.

Monday, 4 November – 17:30-19:30

Tutorial and Workshop Reception

The reception is open to anyone who attends (or leads) at least one Tutorial or Workshop. This is an excellent forum to share information on the day's activities.

Tuesday, 5 November – 17:30-19:30

OOPSLA 2002 Welcome Reception

All full (and Tuesday one-day) conference registrants are invited to attend the Welcome Reception. OOPSLA attendees are encouraged to view the OOPSLA 2002 Poster Session during the Welcome Reception.

Tuesday, 5 November – 19:30-20:00

Newcomers Orientation

A special session has been arranged for OOPSLA newcomers. If you have never been to an OOPSLA before, this is a unique opportunity to meet other first-time OOPSLA participants early in the conference and to learn about the facets of OOPSLA and how to maximize your OOPSLA experience.

Wednesday, 6 November – 17:00-18:30

Exhibitors Reception

Located in the Exhibit Hall, this reception is open to all full conference registrants. Stop by for chance to view the exhibits and visit Geek Alley.

Thursday, 7 November – 19:00-23:00

Evening at "Experience Music Project"

Ride the Monorail to this museum and you are in for something very different! The museum was designed by world-renowned architect Frank O. Gehry and is located at the base of the Space Needle. Both the building's architecture and its unparalleled collection of music-related artifacts have made EMP a very popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

    Crossroads, the main exhibit area, combines rare artifacts with imagery and multimedia to recount stores that span a century of American popular music. The exhibit pays tribute to many Northwest artists and other musicians from around the country, the inspiring artistry of Jimi Hendrix, the development of the electric guitar and more. Musicial revolutions from jazz and blues to the birth of rock n' roll and the hip-hop explosion are explored, providing fresh insight into the diverse expressions of musical creativity.

    The Sound Lab will be open for those who enjoy playing, performing and moving to music. Whether a novice or professional musician, you can explore your creative potential as you perform to a virtual concert audience or engage with interactive instruments.

    The Sky Church will open its doors for OOPSLA guests who want to dance. Light refreshments will be available. For a sneak peak of EMP, visit http://www.emplive.com.

Friday, 8 November – 17:00-18:00

OOPSLA 2003 Kick-off (Ice Cream Social)

The Ice Cream social serves as the kick-off event of next year's OOPSLA where you will be able to pick up your OOPSLA 2003 poster. It is also the setting for the DesignFest/CodeFest Wrap-up. Throughout the week, teams of software designers have taken part in the DesignFest sessions. In addition, a small number of student teams (known as CodeFest) have implemented some of these designs. The Ice Cream Social is a chance for OOPSLA participants, whether or not they participated in DesignFest, to see the designs produced during the earlier sessions, as well as to view demos of the final software. Designers will be available to discuss their experiences (both good and bad) of working in their design team, and the CodeFest teams will describe the problems they encountered while implementing the designs.

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