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Chair: Bill Opdyke, North Central College

OOPSLA workshops are fun! These workshops are highly interactive events, where groups of object technologists meet to surface, discuss, and attempt to solve challenging problems. You learn a lot when you share your ideas and experiences with others in the field, and build relationships that are an essential part of the OOPSLA experience.

The workshop topics (listed below) are diverse. If you'd like to attend one of them, and haven't already done so, please contact the relevant organizers (click on the link below corresponding to their workshop; their URL is included with the workshop description) as they are responsible for managing attendance. In most cases you will be asked to submit a (short) position paper in advance to ensure that the workshop is appropriate for you. We hope to see you in a workshop at this year's OOPSLA!

Apprenticeship Pedagogical Patterns
Pam Rostal, David West, Joseph Bergin, Jutta Eckstein, Mary Lynn Manns, Linda Rising
Sunday, 8:30, full day, Royal Palm Salon 6
Best Practices for Model Driven Software Development
Jorn Bettin, Ghica van Emde Boas, Jean B?zivin, Markus Voelter, William Cook
Sunday, 8:30, full day, Royal Palm Salon 5
Beyond the Project Myth - Agile Development and Product Environments
Jens Coldewey, Martin Lippert, Klaus Marquardt
Sunday, 8:30, full day, Brittany
Building Software for Pervasive Computing
Cristina Lopes, Steffen Schaefer, Siobhan Clarke, Tzilla Elrad, Jens Jahnke
Sunday, 8:30, full day, Royal Palm Salon 4
Early Aspects
Elisa Baniassad, Joao Araujo, Paul Clements, Paulo Merson
Sunday, 8:30, full day, Royal Palm Salon 3
Eclipse Technology eXchange (ETX) 2005--Day 1
Margaret-Anne Storey, Michael Burke, Li-Te Cheng, Andre van der Hoek
Sunday, 8:30, full day, Golden West Room
Extravagaria III: Hunting Creativity
Richard Gabriel, John Gribble
Sunday, 8:30, full day, Royal Palm 2
Fostering Software Reliability in an Increasingly Hostile World
Dennis Mancl, Steven Fraser, Amir Zeid, Greg Utas
Sunday, 8:30, full day, Fairfield
Fourth "Killer Examples" for Design Patterns and Objects First Workshop
Carl Alphonce, Stephen Wong, Michael Caspersen, Adrienne Decker
Sunday, 8:30, full day, Clarendon
Library-centric software design
David Musser, Andrew Lumsdaine, Jaakko Jarvi, Sibylle Schupp, Todd Veldhuizen
Sunday, 8:30, full day, Dover
Third Workshop on Method Engineering for Object-Oriented and Component-Based Development
Magdy Serour, Donald Firesmith, Pavel Hruby, Brian Henderson-Sellers, Dan Rawsthorne, Bernhard Rumpe, Cesar Gonzalez-Perez, Hadar Ziv
Sunday, 8:30, full day, Royal Palm Salon 1
Synchronization and concurrency in object-oriented languages (SCOOL)
Tim Harris, Doug Lea, David F. Bacon, Keir Fraser, Maurice Herlihy, Michael Hicks, Tony Hosking, Gary Lindstrom, Victor Luchangco, John Potter, Ravi Rajwar, Michael L Scott
Sunday, 8:30, full day, California Room
Croquet: A Platform for Collaboration
Alan Kay, Julian Lombardi, Mark McCahill, Rick McGeer, Andreas Raab, David P. Reed, David A. Smith
Monday, 8:30, full day, Eaton
Eclipse Technology eXchange (ETX) 2005--Day 2
Margaret-Anne Storey, Michael Burke, Li-Te Cheng, Andre van der Hoek
Monday, 8:30, full day, Golden West Room
The 5th OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling
Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, Jonathan Sprinkle, Matti Rossi
Monday, 8:30, full day, Royal Palm Salon 1
International Workshop on Software Factories
Jack Greenfield, Steve Cook, Krzysztof Czarnecki, Jeff Gray, Michael Stal, Gabor Karsai, Markus Voelter, Don Batory, Brian Henderson-Sellers, Cesar Gonzalez-Perez
Monday, 8:30, full day, Royal Palm Salon 6
Fourth International Workshop on Agent-Based Methodologies
Cesar Gonzalez-Perez, Paolo Bresciani, Monique Calisti, John Debenham, Paolo Giorgini, Ian Gorton, Brian Henderson-Sellers, Graham Low
Monday, 8:30, full day, Royal Palm Salon 2
Java Technologies for Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Greg Bollella, Angelo Corsaro, Peter Dibble, Doug Lea, Corrado Santoro, Jan Vitek, Andy Wellings
Monday, 8:30, full day, Royal Palm Salon 4
Multiparadigm Programming in Object-Oriented Languages
Kei Davis, Joerg Striegnitz, Gavin Bierman, Timothy Budd, Jaakko Jarvi, Herbert Kuchen, Peter Van Roy
Monday, 8:30, full day, Fairfield
Third Int'l Workshop on SOA and Web Services Best-practices
Ali Arsanjani, Kerrie Holley, Amir Zeid
Monday, 8:30, full day, Royal Palm Salon 3
Scrapheap Challenge—A Workshop in Post-Modern Programming
Ivan Moore, Nat Pryce
Monday, 8:30, full day, Clarendon
MVCDC 2: Managing Variabilities consistently in Design and Code
Christa Schwanninger, Danilo Beuche, Markus Voelter, Krzysztof Czarnecki, Mira Mezini, Rainer Burgstaller
Thursday, 8:30, full day, Esquire