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OOPSLA 2000, Conference On Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications

Find out how to become an OOPSLA Corporate Donor

OOPSLA 2000 thanks the following companies for their support of our student programs:

Would you like your company to be an OOPSLA 2000 Corporate Donor?
Participating in OOPSLA 2000 as a corporate donor demonstrates your organization's interest in and commitment to the object technology field. OOPSLA is well-known as the premier conference in object technology, so helping to support our conference activities is an excellent way to increase your visibility within the object world. Your generosity will also allow us to expand the programs and events of OOPSLA 2000. Your benefits as a corporate donor include:

  • Sponsorship money is applied directly to student programs at OOPSLA
  • Donors receive a complimentary Conference registration (including Proceedings)
  • Donors' logos will appear on the Corporate Donors Thank-You sign which will be displayed in the OOPSLA 2000 Exhibit Hall
  • Donors' logos and links to their Web sites will appear on the OOPLSA Web site (see above)
  • The Sponsorship donation amount is $2000 US

If you are interested in participating in OOPSLA 2000 as a corporate donor, please contact the conference office for more information:

    OOPSLA 2000
    465 NE 181 Street
    Suite 463
    Portland, OR 97230 USA
    Voice: +1-503-252-5709
    Fax: +1-503-261-0964
    email: oopsla2K@acm.org

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