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Good Examples for Exposing Bad Practice

Dale Skrien, Colby College
Adrienne Decker, University at Buffalo
Michael E. Caspersen, Aarhus University
Jürgen Börstler, Umeå University
Carl Alphonce, University at Buffalo

The "Killer Examples" series of workshops are highly interactive workshops which have been an annual occurrence at OOPSLA since 2002. The goals of the workshop are to bring together educators and developers to share their object-oriented expertise, and to provide a forum for discussion of teaching techniques and pedagogical goals. The theme of last year's workshop was pedagogically sound examples for object orientation; this year's workshop will focus on examples that expose bad practice and so lead to better appreciation of good practice, as obtained by following sound object-oriented principles.

The workshop solicits examples which can be used in the teaching of object-orientation. Examples will be critiqued and participants will actively engage in refining the examples so they support a sound pedagogy.

While there is a formal application procedure to guarantee admission, we do accept walk-ins if space permits and walk-ins have adequate interest and background to contribute positively.

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