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3rd Workshop on Software Patterns and Quality (SPAQu'09)

Hironori Washizaki, Waseda University
Nobukazu Yoshioka, National Institute of Informatics
Eduardo B. Fernandez, Florida Atlantic University
Jan Jurjens, The Open University

In this workshop we will discuss the theoretical, social, technological and practical issues related to quality aspects of software patterns including security and safety aspects. The workshop will provide the opportunity for bringing together researchers and practitioners, and for discussing the future prospects of this area. As the workshop format, first, we will have short talks on what software patterns are, and how they are related to quality. Second, we will have accepted position paper presentations to expose the latest researches and practices on software patterns and quality. Finally, we will discuss several topics related to these presentations in small groups. Newcomers, interested researchers and practitioners are free to attend the workshop to facilitate their understandings, researches and practices on software patterns and quality.

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