What's OOPSLA up to?

You might think that since objects have become mainstream there wouldn't be much left to explore about object oriented programming. Well, think again. What's left to discover? Lots!

Like how to address today's software challenges. OOPSLA attracts attendees interested in and presenters with innovative ideas about:

OOPSLA is the premier conference for innovative and thought-provoking ideas, for seeking comment on works in progress, and (frequently, we're proud to say) for presenting Turing Award lecturers on significant works. It is where industry experts and their academic peers gather and collaborate to:

The conference isn't until October, what's happening now?

Right now we're looking for contributions. We invite you to read the Call for Papers to see how you can contribute. Different parts of the program are decided at different times, so be sure to note the due dates.

All year long the conference committee works hard to organize the program. People like you–developers, researchers, industry experts, and educators from around the world–contribute most of the content. Contributing provides tremendous satisfaction and pride in sharing your knowledge and insight. A bonus is the chance to meet a like (or unlike) mind who's worked on similar problems, providing an opportunity for feedback and brainstorming solutions to sticky problems.

Contribute to OOPSLA and you will be enriched as you enrich the world of software.