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Educator Scholarships

Important Dates
Deadline for applications: July 20, 2007
Notification of decision: August 13, 2007
Deadline for confirmation of acceptance: August 27, 2007
Register by the early registration date: TBA
Attend the entire conference: October 21-25, 2007
Deadline to submit expense report: November 12, 2007
Deadline to submit experience report: November 12, 2007

OOPSLA is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships for educators from 2- and 4-year colleges and universities to participate in OOPSLA 2007 and its prestigious Educators' Symposium. These scholarships are generously sponsored by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN).

Scholarship recipients receive:

  • Registration to the OOPSLA 2007 Conference.
  • Registration to the OOPSLA 2007 Educators' Symposium.
  • Registration to one full-day tutorial, or two half-day tutorials, at the conference.
  • Reimbursement for transportation and accommodation expenses up to a maximum of $600 within North America or $1200 outside of North America.

Submission Requirements
Each applicant must submit:

  • a completed application form (see below)
  • two signed letters of support
    • one from your department chair or dean. This letter should speak to the applicant's role teaching OO courses at the institution and on the applicant's financial need.
    • one from another person who can speak about the applicant's involvement in teaching OO technology. This letter should speak to the applicant's teaching of OO and how the applicant (and thus the applicant's institution) will benefit from receiving a scholarship.

Submission Process
All application materials must be submitted in two ways:

  • First, send an electronic copy of the completed application form to the co-chairs at

    Electronic submissions must be either plain text or PDF.

  • Second, send the full set of application materials (hard copy version of your application and both letters) to the OOPSLA 2007 administration office at:
    OOPSLA 2007
    6220 NE Glisan St.
    Portland, OR 97213

    Fax submissions will not be accepted. If you have any questions for the office, call +1-503-252-5709.

Acceptance Requirements Scholarship recipients must accept the award by August 17, 2007, by sending an e-mail message to the co-chairs at In accepting an educator scholarship, the recipient agrees to:

  • Register for OOPSLA 2007 using the on-line registration system by the conference's early registration deadline.
  • Complete the on-line registration form. Print the completed form for faxing to the OOPSLA office and, in the space for payment method, write "EDUCATOR SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT" prominently.
  • Attend the full conference, October 21-25, 2007.
  • Submit an expense report for reimbursement of transportation and accommodation expenses by November 12, 2007.
  • Submit an experience report by November 12, 2007, that details concrete results from having participated in the conference and educators' symposium.

For More Information
For additional information, clarifications, or questions, please contact the Educators' Symposium chairs, Joe Bergin and Steve Metsker, at

Application Form




Your position in the department:

Have you received prior support for attending OOPSLA conferences?

     If YES, describe briefly the support you received, and howf
     the experience of attending OOPSLA helped you and your
     institution improve its OO education and training.

Have you applied for any other support for attending OOPSLA 2007:

     If YES, indicate the other forms of support for which have
     you applied.

List the courses in your department that include OO technology.
Give the course name and number, and the number of students
enrolled annually.  Indicate which of these, if any, you are
involved in teaching.

Either (1) describe something innovative that you are doing in
teaching OO or (2) describe how the symposium can play an essential
role in helping you to advance the state of teaching OO in your

List your objectives for attending OOPSLA 2007.

Describe how you will satisfy these objectives at OOPSLA 2007.

Explain how you will use your experience at OOPSLA 2007 to promote
OO technology within your department or college. Be specific, and
provide a target date for achieving each objective.

Reply to each of the following:
   o I am able to attend the full conference, October 21-25, 2007.
   o I intend to participate in the Educators' Symposium in some
     way, by presenting a paper or nifty assignment, sharing a resource, 
     leading a discussion, moderating a session, or wherever I am needed.
   o I am able to submit my expense report by November xx, 2007.
   o I am able to submit my experience report by November xx, 2007.

Include any other information that will help explain your need and
desire to attend OOPSLA 2007.