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22 Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture Best Practices and Patterns

Monday, 27 October – 8:30-17:00 Full day

Ali Arsanjani, IBM Corporation, arsanjan@us.ibm.com
Kerrie Holley, IBM, holley@us.ibm.com

Web services and service-oriented architectures are promising technology. However, they are still fraught with problems and issues: operational issues, quality of service, functional and methodology related.

In this workshop we aim to identify real industry experiences (successes or failures) in designing and implementing web services based systems. And we look for research papers aiming at identifying and alleviating major bottlenecks and issues related to service-oriented architectures, web services and dynamically re-configurable architectures.

This workshop builds on the Object Oriented Web Services workshops in previous OOPSLA conferences and sets a slightly different direction, aimed at consolidating web services and service-oriented architecture best practices and patterns.