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20 Toward EduPLoP

Sunday, 26 October – 13:30-17:00 Afternoon

Joseph Bergin, Pace University - Computer Science, berginf@pace.edu
Fred Grossman, Pace University - Information Systems, grossman@pace.edu
Jutta Eckstein, Objects in Action, jeckstein@acm.org
Eugene Wallingford, University of Northern Iowa, wallingf@cs.uni.edu

Software patterns have had a positive impact on how software is built and how organizations work. They have had relatively little impact on education, however. This workshop will bring together experienced educators and industrial trainers to investigate how this might be changed. There are many questions to be answered: Should students write patterns? Use Patterns? Should patterns inform how we teach? What we teach? What are the benefits and challenges of using and teaching patterns in education? What kinds of patterns are most effective: design patterns, elementary patterns, pedagogical patterns and organizational patterns?

This workshop will feature a range of presentation formats, including short presentations, exercise demos, and discussions. A major goal of the workshop will be to decide on the desirability and feasibility of holding a future EduPLoP, directed at educators and students.