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Meeting the Challenge of Software Engineering Education for Working Professionals in the 21st Century

Tuesday, 28 October – 10:30-12:00

Steven Fraser (Chair), Independent Consultant, sdfraser@acm.org
Ray Bareiss, CMU (West), bareiss@cs.cmu.edu
Barry Boehm, USC, boehm@cse.usc.edu
Mark Hayes, Microsoft, mahayes@microsoft.com
Laura Hill, Sun Microsystems, laura.hill@sun.com
Gabby Silberman, IBM, gabbys@us.ibm.com
Dave Thomas, Bedarra Research Labs, dave@bedarra.com

Software engineering education for working professionals remains a challenge from the perspective of determining relevant content; identifying effective methods for delivery; and maintaining the focus and motivation of students. This panel brings together academic and industry professionals to share their perspectives and experiences. Anticipated points for discussion include: education/training delivery strategies, curriculum definition, marketing issues, collaboration strategies to engage industry sponsorship, value assessments for students and sponsoring organizations, and program success stories. This will be a highly interactive panel and the audience should come prepared to both ask and answer questions.