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Monday, 4 November

8:30-17:00 Full day

1 Tutorial: Essential Object-oriented Analysis and Design
2 Tutorial Agile Software Development Methodologies: Principles and Practices
3 Tutorial: Pattern-Oriented Software Architectures for Networked and Concurrent Applications
4 Tutorial Automated Software Testing: Hands On and Interactive!
5 Tutorial: Pragmatic Programming - the First Day
6 Tutorial: Programming Web Services Applications
1 Workshop: Tool Support for Aspect Oriented Software Development
2 Workshop: 2nd OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Visual Languages
3 Workshop: Commonalities of Agile Methodologies
7 Workshop: Top 10 issues of an open software model for embedded systems
8 Workshop: The 11th OOPSLA Workshop on behavioral semantics -- Serving the customer
9 Workshop: Pervasive Computing; going beyond Internet for small screens
10 Workshop: Distributed eXtreme Programming
12 Workshop: Patterns for Software Architecture
14 Workshop: Agent-oriented methodologies
15 Workshop: Tackling the Discovery Costs of Evolving Software Systems
22 Workshop: J2EE vs .NET
23 Workshop: Using Play to Enhance Learning About Objects
24 Workshop: 1st International Workshop on Runtime Kernel Support for Dynamic Languages and Component Based Architectures
25 Workshop: "Killer Examples" for Design Patterns and Objects First
DesignFest: Full Day DesignFest

8:30-12:00 Morning

7 Tutorial: Building Secure OO Systems - A Practical Guide and Overview
8 Tutorial: Introduction to the .NET Framework
9 Tutorial: The Art of Writing Use Cases
10 Tutorial Programmer's Dozen: Thirteen Practices for Refactoring, Repairing, and Regaining Control of Your Code
11 Tutorial: Efficient Implementation of Object-Oriented Programming Languages
5 Workshop: Extreme Programming Practices in the First CS Courses



13:30-17:00 Afternoon

12 Tutorial: Card-based User and Use Case Task Modeling
13 Tutorial: Developing Java Applications for Mobile Devices
14 Tutorial: Object vs. The Web
15 Tutorial: Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
16 Tutorial: Aspect-Oriented Programming in C++
17 Tutorial: The Design and Implementation of the Jikes RVM Optimizing Compiler
31 Workshop: Expanding the Boundaries of Unit Testing


Special Event: Tutorial and Workshop Reception

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