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"AutAT -- An Eclipse Plugin for Automatic Acceptance Testing of Web Applications"





 : Wednesday

AutAT -- An Eclipse Plugin for Automatic Acceptance Testing of Web Applications

Courtyard (room A)
Wednesday, 11:00, 45 minutes



This event is also being given Thursday at 11:00.

Christian Schwarz, Bekk Consulting AS and IDI/NTNU
Stein Kåre Skytteren, Steria AS and IDI/NTNU
Trond Marius Øvstetun, Mesan AS and IDI/NTNU

Demonstration number: 13

XP (Extreme Programming) practice states that acceptance testing should be automated so they can be run often and facilitate regression testing. The practice also states that it is the customer who should specify these acceptance tests and keep them updated as requirements change. In order to do this, the customer needs a tool that is user-friendly and expressive. Existing frameworks and tools such as FIT and FitNesse support this process, but are based on a textual format for specifying tests and require the customer to write assertions manually. While FIT and FitNesse are application agnostic, we focus on web-applications. In this demonstration we will present AutAT, an a rich graphical editor on top of FIT, making it more intuitive to specify acceptance tests for automated testing of web-applications. AutAT is an open source Eclipse plugin written using the Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF). AutAT uses the standard Eclipse plugin development and GEF patterns. Standard FIT tables are generated based on the visual representation of the tests. AutAT is the result of a master thesis at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in cooperation with Bekk Consulting AS, Norway. The results of an initial user study AutAT has undergone shows that it is significantly more user-friendly, faster to use and less error prone than using FitNesse + jWebUnit. The audience will see AutAT as an own perspective in Eclipse, fully functional, though probably without support for all HTML elements. The AutAT GUI is not unlike a standard UML editor.