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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the
Educators' Symposium
The Unique Forum for Trainers and Educators

Educators' Symposium Chair: Jutta Eckstein, edu_symp@oopsla.acm.org
Submission due date: 23 MARCH 2001
Acceptance and rejection notifications:
8 MAY 2001

The Educators' Symposium is for industry and academic professionals who have a vested interest in object technology training and education. This one-day symposium is a unique forum for trainers and educators to discuss their needs and ideas for incorporating object technology into training plans and courses under consideration of the human factor. The Educators' Symposium facilitates to swap ideas in a number of ways, including featured talks by professionals on the cutting edge of OO education, paper presentations, activity sessions, posters, demonstrations and other opportunities to exchange course materials.

OOPSLA 2001 is proud to announce the availability of scholarships for educators from 2 and 4 year colleges to attend the Educators' Symposium and Conference. These scholarships are sponsored by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN). 

Submission Guidelines
OO trainers and educators from all levels of industry and academia are invited to send submissions. Submissions will be published in the Educators' Symposium proceeding notes. Selection will be based on clarity, originality, technical and educational merit, and, most of all, the potential relevance to other OO trainers and educators - the "synergy effect". The review committee will look for ideas that can be utilized by others at the Symposium. 

Acceptance of your paper only guarantees that it will be published in the Educators' Symposium proceeding notes. It does not guarantee that the one-day program will allow time to present it. However, all those with accepted papers will have the opportunity to participate in some way in the program.

Submissions that do not follow the guidelines stated in this document are not likely to be considered for review.

Submissions are solicited in the following four categories:

1. Experience paper
There is no doubt that all professionals in OO training and education face similar challenges. Submissions in this category will present a challenge encountered in an industry or academic environment and a description of an innovative idea that was used to meet that challenge. Everyone has something to contribute in this category. If you do not wish to submit a paper, please put your idea on a poster.

Submissions in this category should cover one of - but are not limited to - the following experience domains:

  • Expertise with other domains - Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning
  • Facilitating a Learning Organization - Educating for Change
  • Active Learning

Submissions must include the following sections:

  • Abstract
  • Description of the experience domain
  • Description of the experience
  • Suggestions for how your idea can be used by other OO educators, perhaps in other environments

2. Research paper
Submissions in this category will report on a research project that contributes to knowledge in the field of OO training and education.

Submissions must include the following sections:

  • Abstract
  • Description of the research field
  • Suggestions for how your findings are applicable to OO educators 

3. Reports of other 2000/2001 OO education/training events
If you are organizing and/or participating in any OO training or education event, such as a workshop, working group, or conference during the year, or even at OOPSLA 2001, we want to hear about it. Submissions in this category can include a description of an upcoming event if the event is being held after the March deadline.

Submissions must include the following sections:

  • Description of the event 
  • Expected outcomes 
  • Actual outcomes (if the event has already occurred) 
  • Suggestions for what educators can do with the outcomes 

4. Poster / Demonstrations
This is an ideal opportunity for exchanging teaching and learning techniques, networking with professionals facing similar challenges and exploring and interchanging teaching and learning tools. 

Submission types in this category:

  • Teaching and Learning Software
  • Shareware, like exercises, effective evaluation questions and methods, course materials and handouts
  • Miscellaneous, e.g. a web page address (with the contents of that page), description of course needs, anything. - No proposal required.

If you want your material to be published in the Educators' Symposium proceeding notes, the submission must include the following sections:

  • Abstract 
  • Description of the poster/demonstration
  • Suggestions for how other OO educators will profit from the material

Format Of The Submissions

  • All submissions must contain a title, the category, author(s) name, affiliation, e-mail, phone and fax numbers. 
  • Submissions of various sizes are encouraged. Authors should aim for drafts between 2 and 10 single-space pages. 
  • If your submission is accepted, text for camera-ready documents will be required to be in two-column text, have a 18-point font bolded title with 12-point font bolded section headings, a 9-point font text body, and 1-inch margins. 

Submission Process

Questions should be directed to Jutta Eckstein, the Educators' Symposium Chair at: edu_symp@oopsla.acm.org.

Important Dates
The dates for the review process are as follows:

  • 23 March 2001: Submissions due 
  • 8 May 2001: Notification of acceptance

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