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Practitioner Reports

Chair: Ralph Johnson
University of Illinois

The original OOPSLA Conference organizers were a practical bunch. They knew theory was important, of course, but they were especially interested in applying theory in the real world. In fact, two of the words represented by "OOPSLA" are "Systems" and "Applications". The Practitioner Reports are where the OOPSLA community looks to hear about what's working (or not!) in leading-edge systems, applications, methodologies, frameworks, patterns, and management techniques. They are a key embodiment of the "reality check" that is an integral part of the OOPSLA Conference.

OOPSLA Practitioner Reports present actual experience and reflections, together with supporting evidence for any claims made. Of particular interest are reports that discuss both benefits and drawbacks of the approaches used. Reports may focus on a particular aspect of technology usage and practice, or describe broad project experiences. They may describe a particular design idea, or experience with a particular piece of technology. Some reports focus on people, process, or development challenges.